Review: Helloween – My God-Given Right

Posted: September 1, 2015 in Reviews
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Helloween are responsible for some of power metal’s most essential releases, particularly the stunning ‘Keeper of the Seven Keys’ albums. They’ve had some creative missteps in the past, and have lost two of the most important figures in power metal from their lineups, but they have a stable lineup now and their new record, ‘My God-Given Right’ is the seventeenth.

‘Heroes’ is classic 80s heavy metal riffs, with a catchy chorus that worms its way into your mind, and won’t quite leave. ‘Battle’s Won’ is speedy and melodic, with some cool soloing and an epic finale. When Helloween kick on all gears, they are still more than capable of writing some top notch, catchy heavy metal tunes with a reigned in grandeur. Sure you’ve heard a lot of it before, but you have to remember that Helloween INVENTED most of these tricks in the first place! Andi Deris hits all the right notes, and his voice compliments the music well, never overdoing the vocal histrionics.

My problem with the record is that I feel like the band are playing it safe and solid, rather than trying to squeeze something a little bit different out. Be that progressive elements that we’ve seen in the past, or even some heavier moments (the heaviest riffs don’t really kick in until ‘Claws’, which is way too late), something a bit different from their blend of high energy hard rock/heavy metal combination. I think trimming the fat of a few songs might have helped too, since an hour plus is a little bit much Helloween for me.

But for its faults, ‘My God-Given Right’ is still a pretty fun, high energy heavy metal album that will scratch any itch you need for big choruses, infectious melodies and classic riffs. Helloween are still more than capable of writing great metal tunes, (see the title track and the closing ‘You, Still of War’) but ‘My God-Given Right’ may not be their finest hour.


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