Review: Krallice – Ygg Huur

Posted: August 31, 2015 in Reviews
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I’ve been a fan of Krallice since I came across their magnum opus ‘Dimensional Bleedthrough’ in 2009. It was so fucking vast and blacker than night, and I fell in love that day. ‘Ygg Huur’ is a lot shorter than their previous releases, but still dazzles the mind with its complexity and sheer ferocity.

‘Idol’ is dense, foreboding and jarringly dissonant in parts, feeling vastly more technical than previous releases. It encapsulates the album within three minutes, and the equally complex ‘Wastes of Ocean’ continues the stop/start black metal fire that burns deep within ‘Ygg Huur’. A writhing cauldron of technical riff wizardry, captured within shorter songs, actually gives you a lot more appreciation for the skill of guitarists Mick Barr and Colin Marston. You normally don’t experience this kind of technical tour de force in black metal, so Krallice are refreshingly different.

‘Over Spirit’ feels almost like if The Dillinger Escape Plan listened to Gorgoroth, with spiralling guitar melodies and an adventurous rhythm section intent of exploring possibilities. ‘Ygg Huur’ is a very ambitious piece, squeezing into 35 minutes what many bands struggle to fit into a career. This kind of rampant experimentalism is brilliantly achieved by guitar alone, but the band’s whole is cohesive and essential for maintaining this spirit of adventure. You won’t hear many, if any black metal records this year that sound like ‘Ygg Huur’.

From the Mastodonian riffs that encircle the maelstorm of ‘Tyranny of Thought’ to the grinding tones of ‘Bitter Meditation’, closing with the menacing ‘Engram, Krallice have once again proved themselves serious contenders in the future of black metal. Taking the ‘do what we want’ attitude that pervades all classic black metal, ‘Ygg Huur’ is a progressive, daring and rampaging masterpiece that befits Krallice’s legacy.


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