Review: Gravesite – Horrifying Nightmares…

Posted: August 31, 2015 in Reviews
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Italian death metallers Gravesite have released their latest horror influenced slab of thrashing death metal, ‘Horrifying Nightmares…’ on Xtreem Music, and its a delicious mix of savage European death metal and rampant thrash riffs.

After a instrumental intro, first track proper ‘Submerged in Vomit’ (great title) explodes with a chainsaw riff and a clear but brutal growl. An obvious Entombed influence runs through the whole album, but this isn’t any old Swedeath tribute. Gravesite are clearly loving every minute of playing this record, and it shows. The songwriting is tight, and the album is packed full of memorable tunes that rarely drop below the full speed ahead pace.

Even though I tend to find that the slower, crawling chaos death metal bands are normally more my thing, its actually pretty refreshing to find a band that still feels old school but is ramped up to 11. This is the blood tribute to bands like Grave and Dismember; bands who kept it raw and heavy, and were never afraid of a little pace. Not that its all hell for leather, as the harsh ‘I Want to Rot’ is testament to.

‘Horrifying Nightmares…’ is a satisfyingly brutal death metal record with some great songs and acres of killer riffs. This is death metal that is not afraid to be varied, not afraid to blend thrashier sections with skull rattling death crawls and is a sign that Italian death metal isn’t all uber technicality or grandeur. Hail death in its primal form! Hail Gravesite!


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