Review: Lothlöryen – Principles of a Past Tomorrow

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Reviews
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Brazilian heavy metallers Lothloryen have been going for thirteen years now, and their self released ‘Principles of a Past Tomorrow’ is their fifth full length album, following hot on the heels of last year’s ‘Some Ways Back Some More’. Their music is a vibrant mix of power metal, dashes of prog and folk metal too.

There is a grandeur about Lothloryen that is delightfully not cheesy. A lot of power metal bands that incorporate folk elements would come across as uber cheesy, but tracks like ‘Heretic Chant’ have this great vibrancy about them that is both catchy and yet suitably epic. They’ve got a great heavy metal spirit running through each track, and when the folky elements are added, they enhance with delicate violins (such as the anthemic ‘God is Many’) rather than overpower.

‘Principles of a Past Tomorrow’ is more or less a typical power metal album, made special by the band’s deft usage of folk metal elements and subtle progressive passages to enhance their songwriting skills. Be it the tribal balladry of ‘Time Will Tell’, the galloping ‘The Convict’ or the rousing folkiness of ‘The Quest is On’, Lothloryen keep you entangled in their music with variety and quality tunes. By the time we come to a close, Lothloryen will have won you over with their honesty and their charming take on an often maligned genre. Satisfyingly unique.


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