Review: Dalkhu – Descend… Into Nothingness

Posted: August 29, 2015 in Reviews
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Dalkhu - Descend... into Nothingness

Sometimes a record needs time to weigh upon you, repeated listens to get into and to enjoy. Others are like the new Dalkhu album; immediately, devastatingly great. These Slovenian blackened death metallers create a beautiful, crushing maelstorm of metal that hits like a neutron bomb and drains you instantly of any defence against its mighty riffs and unearthly growl.

‘Pitch Black Cave’ is that initial hit, that gargantuan riff plowing voids of despair while it sounds like the vocals were dredged from one of Hell’s most vile pits. The drumming thrashes back and forth, while a tremolo riff buzzes incessantly. ‘Descend into Nothingness’ is achingly heavy and leaves you breathless. ‘The Fireborn’ is a more jagged, stuttering Behemoth, with a bowel rattling bass and double kick combo. ‘In the Woods’ showcases the band’s ability to seamlessly move into beautifully melodic territory, taking influence from the more atmospheric black metal bands, while still engaging in dense, dark evil.

Dalkhu grasp the concept of brutality and melody together perfectly. ‘Descend Into Nothingness’ is one of the most violent pieces I’ve heard this year, but its instantly memorable and the musicianship is top notch. The riff patterns that spiral throughout ‘Soulkeepers’ are inspired. Closing with the crushing behemoth ‘E.N.N.F.’ , Dalkhu have crafted one of 2015’s finest slabs of metal. Fuck yes!

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