Review: Antiquus Infestus – Order of the Star of Bethlehem

Posted: August 27, 2015 in Reviews
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Antiquus Infestus - Order of the Star of Bethlehem

I found these guys after reading a review of their ‘Cult of Ra’ demo in a Transylvanian zine I bought a few years ago. Man that sounds troo kvlt… Anyway, I looked them up, and it turns out their last EP is available for buy it now on Bandcamp. Antiquus Infestus are a three man Italian black/death metal band, and this is their third release after two demos.

After an atmospheric and evil intro, first track proper ‘St. Mary of Bethlehem’ is a crawling, fire breather of a track, all menacing chugs and rasping growls. ‘Bishopsgate’ is more violent in its assault, exploding into a raging torrent of riffs and blasting. For so few releases under their belt, Antiquus Infestus have a maturity that belies their years. Each song is razor sharp in its execution, reeling off prime Dissection worship like the throat slitting power of ’55’, or the thunder of ‘Moorfields’.

It all comes to an end too soon with the melodic rampage of the title track and the final outro ‘The Signs of Future Threat’, which roars into oblivion with barely contained malice. I’m a big fan of this release, and band, after a few listens to this EP. I certainly hope they plan on getting something else out there soon, because ‘Order of the Star of Bethlehem’ is a high quality release by a band the extreme metal community should get to know.

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