Review: Bone Tomb – Tombs of Blood

Posted: August 25, 2015 in Reviews
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Tombs of Blood cover art

The debut summonings from UK black metallers Bone Tomb is two original pieces and a Celtic Frost cover. The original cassette pressing has sold out of Goatprayer Records, but you can still grab a digital copy. Hopefully they’ll do a repress, because this shit is awesome!

Opening track ‘Tombs of Blood’ is a cold, blasting force of nature, writhing with dark energy and feeding a dense and dark invocation of rasped evil. Dissonant chords float across a buzzing backdrop, while cascading blastbeats pepper the icy landscape. Bone Tomb blend the classic scope of Immortal with the suffocating clatter of Gorgoroth. Second track ‘Macabre is Eternal’ has more of a blackened majesty, slower and more menacing at the start, then descending into a hellish maelstorm of second wave worship.

Bone Tomb are a many layered beast, and their cover of Celtic Frost’s ‘Sorrows of the Moon’ shows they aren’t just willing to raise tribute to the more obvious influences. They do the song justice with a haunting cover, and it caps off this debut perfectly. Bone Tomb look like they’re going to be something special if they continue down this path. Now lets see if we can get a repress so I can get a copy eh?!


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