Review: Ygodeh – Inside the Womb of Horizonless Dystopia

Posted: August 23, 2015 in Reviews
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Ygodeh are an interesting beast. Born from the ashes of Latvian symphonic metallers Disease, this is their third album of ‘synthetic death metal’. Synthetic translating to a mix of industrial and electronic elements with a death metal base.

Opener ‘Morbid’ is a strange track, where a metal song is pervaded by strange electronic parts, and while the riffs are pretty good, the mix takes a little time to get used to. It is certainly a unique sound, but it definitely works better on some tracks than others. ‘Through the Fog into Misery’ for example is a more cohesive effort, relying more on a solid death metal foundation before the more esoteric elements appear.

‘Inside the Womb of Horizonless Dystopia’ is definitely a challenging listen, but if you stick with it there are rewarding moments, like the classy heaviness and soloing of ‘Rhythm of the Beast’, or the jagged experimentalism of ‘Take the Blue Pill’. Sometimes it doesn’t come across as well ( the disjointed ‘Morbid’ stands out in that field), but scratch the surface and get behind the strange parts, and there is a good metal band in there somewhere.


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