Review: Aeveron – VVD: Destination Annihilation

Posted: August 22, 2015 in Reviews
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Aeveron - VVD: Destination Annihilation

German melodeath band Aeveron have really cranked up the riffs on this, their fourth album. ‘VVD: Destination Annihilation’ is a heady mix of razor sharp melodeath riffs injected with a ghostly, almost black metal atmosphere in places.

Take second track ‘Delusions’ for example. At first seeming like pure Swdeath worships, the band find some cool melodies to intersperse into the riffs, and then there are some haunting keyboard parts accompanying rasping vocals. ‘VVD…’ is a rollicking record of fantastic riffing and galloping brutality. The breakneck clatter of ‘Mitternacht’ is another highlight, with some cool melodic mid section riffs, while augmented keyboards add the atmosphere. Even the clean vocals that crop up every so often fit well with the music.

Be it the chugging monster of ‘Insanity’, or the rich, clean vocal stylings of ‘The Plague’, Aeveron are more than capable of mixing it up to keep the record sounding and feeling fresh. The acoustic strains of ‘Shedding No Tears’ builds nicely to a crescendo, with the white hot ‘Cave Hominem’ spewing riffs from its molten heart.

Aeveron are definitely very melodic, and write songs that are catchy and full of lighter moments. Don’t take this as a feeling that they are radio friendly in any way; they’re not but this record could definitely have some crossover appeal to the more mainstream metal kids. The level of musicianship is high, and each element works well to create a cohesive album that thrashes hard for forty eight minutes of quality metal.


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