Review: Loputon Suo – S/T Demo

Posted: August 18, 2015 in Demo Review, Reviews
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Loputon Suo, or ‘endless swamp’ in Finnish, are a four piece black metal band formed last year in Joensuu, Finland. In their bio, they describe their influences as The Ruins of Beverast, Drudkh and Agalloch, who are three great bands who are flagbearers for something a little bit different in black metal circles, so this demo instantly caught my eye.

Opening track ‘Kädet Valloittamaan’ is instantly suffocating in its delivery. A murky feeling of dread instantly inhabits your brain, weighing you down with an intense nihilistic vibe. Atonal melodies fleet in and out of a stifling wall of sound, where inhuman scream matches with chainsaw guitar. ‘Deus Delirium’ is more of the same, and I can’t help being reminded of Mayhem’s superlative ‘Ordo ad Chao’, that same densely murky darkness that inhabits every riff.

‘Spiraali’ is like Portal filtered through a slightly more melodic strain, without losing any of the instensity. Lopouton Suo have made a very dark, a very bleak record here, while enschewing all of the cliche tinpot black metal riffing in favour of a thicker approach. It works well, giving the music a bit of weight, increasing that feeling of something pushing down on you. It’s highly effective, and makes their self titled demo a strangely addictive listen. Recommended listening for a wet, cold evening


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