Review: OHHMS – Cold

Posted: August 15, 2015 in Reviews
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Rising UK doom stars OHHMS first found fame with 2014’s classy ‘Bloom’ EP, and they’ve returned to flatten us all again with new EP, ‘Cold’. Two tracks, thirty minutes of crushing ebb and flow doom, that follows up the promise we could feel on ‘Bloom’.

First track, ‘The Anchor’ looms out of the deep, a thrumming ambience that is broken by a mournful lead guitar. Waves of doom crash against the shore, while Paul Waller’s vocals power over the top. There’s a tectonic rumble beneath the soaring melodies, kicking in about six minutes into a sludgy Neurosian crush and continuing into a post metal riffocalypse of cyclic thunder. A descent into a bluesy drone brings us to the final, crashing conclusion. And that is just half the record!

‘Dawn of the Swarm’ opens with a lush, tripped out stoner vibe and becomes a vibrant stomping doom workout, echoing Neurosis at their peak. The riffs are simple but effective, and there are some simply titanic grooves. OHHMS have continued the good work of ‘Bloom’ on ‘Cold’, with monstrous riffage couple with a passionate roar and a keen sense of variety. ‘Cold’ is definitely worth your time.


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