Review: Orchid – Sign of the Witch

Posted: August 12, 2015 in Reviews
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Complete with trippy cover art, which fucks with my eyes every time I see it, the new Orchid EP continues their shameless worship of 70s Sabbath with another four tracks of grooving bluesy doom that will raise a knowing smile and start your head a-nodding.

‘Helicopters’ is a catchy little earworm that rides along on a propulsive bassline, Theo Mindell’s soulful croon accentuating each little nuance of riff. The solo is pure psychedelica, and you’ll be singing the refrain over and over. ‘John the Tiger’ is a bouncy number that indulges a progressive side and showcases their effortless grasp of how 70s doom sounded. Orchid are the other dimensional Sabbath, where the progenitors continued to make music like it was 1972 every day.

The title track is probably the finest piece of music Orchid has committed to record; at its heart a classic doom song that is oozing with psychedelic notions and a pulsing sense of righteousness. Sometimes, a band just FEELS good to listen to, and on ‘Sign of the Witch’, Orchid become that band. It is a glorious slice of retro doom, and is followed by the smoky, tripped out ‘Strange Winds’ which feels very ‘Planet Caravan’ as it unfurls from the speakers like a desert sunrise.

‘Sign of the Witch’ confirms to me that Orchid deserve their plaudits for their output thus far. Any band who can write a song that is so pure in its Sabbathian essence are alright with me, and ‘Sign of the Witch’ is that track. Turn on, turn up and embrace the simple heart of doom that Orchid has become.


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