Review: Blasphmachine – Salvation

Posted: August 12, 2015 in Reviews
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Blasphmachine - Salvation

Malaysia’s Blasphmachine (I see what you did there) are one of those nasty, South East Asian bands that seem to be infected with the most vile musical disease. It’s similar to the strain that absorbs South American black metallers into channeling Bathory’s earliest work through Blasphemy, Weapon and Hellhammer to create an unholy cacophony of pure evil. Their debut full length clocks in at a mere 26 minutes, but its probably some of the nastiest shit you’ll hear all year.

‘Salvation’ must be an ironic title, because there cannot be any salvation for your soul after absorbing this record. The opening salvo, ‘Temple of Desolation’ is a dense, raw blast of dark death metal with a waspish, black metal tinge. Further reinforcing this approach is the brutal steamroller of ‘Heathen Fire’. Blasphmachine are not here to fuck about, and ‘Salvation’ moves at a breakneck pace from front to back. ‘The Beast Among Men’ is another great track, underpinned by excellent drumming, and some stelllar guitar riffs.

Contrast the early savagery with a more measured malovence in the thudding ‘Commandments’, but think of ‘Salvation’ as a whole entity. Blasphmachine have captured this dark vibe beautifully, with razor sharp guitar work and a gurgling, rasping vocal completing the feeling. ‘Salvation’ is pure, relentless death metal in parts , where more esoteric black metal elements are washed away and the band focus on ramping up the unholy fire. ‘The Last Chants of Priests’ is scathing in its delivery, and the Behemoth-esque approach to final track ‘Leviathan’ really adds something to their repertoire.

Blasphmachine have crafted themselves a fine slab of blackened fury with ‘Salvation’. Not content with putting out a purely brutal assault on the senses, the band have worked hard to create a short but memorable release full of variety and great songs. Oh, and bonus points for the frankly ace Black Witchery cover.


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