Review: Lucifer – Lucifer I

Posted: August 11, 2015 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Lucifer rose from the ashes of The Oath, the highly touted and very short lived doom quartet featuring Lucifer vocalist Johanna Sadonis, whose rich tones enrich every riff on ‘Lucifer I’. Said riffs are being wrought by the mighty Gaz Jennings, formerly of Cathedral so you can imagine just what lies beneath…

‘Lucifer I’ is a dense, smoky 70s doom record, infected with soulful blues at every turn. While avoiding the whole ‘flutes and whistles’ occult doom that has pervaded the scene recently, Lucifer have that unmistakable Sabbathian vibe. Take the dreamy ‘Purple Pyramid’, where a fat groove is set on all sides by the beautiful pitch perfect vocals. Sadonis is a great singer, and she brings a scratchy ethereality to each song, particularly the steamroller of ‘Morning Star’.

The riffs have this vintage swagger about them that just hits the nail on the head. Be it the eerie rumblings of ‘Sabbath’, or the prog stylings of the shape shifting ‘Izrael’, the guitar work is never still, always restless and seeking that next perfect riff. ‘Lucifer I’ is full of these moments where you can just close your eyes and you’re sent back in time 40 years to a smoky room in a blues club where the origins of the heavy metal were concocted. The build of ‘White Mountain’ from ghostly vocal tour de force into a galloping riff is something to behold, and it’s a fine moment in an album choc full of them.

If you are into doom, you owe it to yourself to check out Lucifer. ‘Lucifer I’ continues the path that The Oath began; a gloriously 70s doom record with hefty groove coupled with a gorgeous vocal performance. All hail Lucifer, the new kings and queens of doom


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