Review: Morti Viventi – The Day The Dead Returned…

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Mörti Viventi - The Day the Dead Returned.​.​.

If you told me that Morti Viventi were a group of upstart young bucks ready to make a name for themselves in the underground thrash world, I’d have accepted that straight off. But Morti Viventi is the work of ONE man, Adrian Heathershaw. ONE?! Are you fucking kidding me? His debut release under the Morti Viventi name, ‘The Day The Dead Returned…’ is a fiery thrash beast, with more riffs than you could shake a zombie’s severed arm at.

Take the ripping, Exodus worship of opening track ‘Hell on Earth’. It’s one of the most headbangable tracks you’ll hear ever probably, with a catchy chugging riff and an instantly memorable vocal performance. The title track is a more mid paced affair, with some epic leads at the start, leading into a ripping thrash number that astounds with guitar pyrotechnics everywhere. It’s almost like Morti Viventi decided to take every awesome riff that existed and lobbed them into one record, then juiced up the pace and the pure fucking metal!

The longer songs benefit from having more ideas fleshed out within them. Not that the shorter ones aren’t still great (feel the energy rolling off the rampant ‘Whorehouse of the Undead’), but when you’ve got a proper metal epic like the thirteen plus minutes of ‘The Arrival of the Anti-God’, or the howling guitars of ‘Spawn of Another Kind’, it really hits home the talent lurking behind that zombie strewn artwork. Like the man says, THRASH OR DIE!


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