Review: Corpse Garden – Entheogen

Posted: August 9, 2015 in Reviews
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Corpse Garden - Entheogen

Costa Rican death metallers Corpse Garden are definitely the only band I’ve ever head from there, but I tell you, if their last record ‘Burn by the Light ‘ was anything to go by, they are more than standard bearers for death metal in their area of the world. Their new record, ‘Entheogen’, is out now on Satanath Records and Godz of War Records too.

This is brutal, technical death metal of the highest order, shot through with some great progressive sections to ease the weight of blastbeats on your mind. Thunderous opener ‘The Quantum Rapture’ rips from the starting block with snarling growls and raozr riffing, pinned down by a hailstorm of drumming. It’s fast, visceral and simply essential. The eerie ‘In the Womb of Chaos’ provides relief in a more dark ambient, scream ridden piece that’s followed immediately by the chugging beast of ‘ Portal to the Oneiric’. It’s good to hear the bass so front facing in death metal, reminding me greatly of Atheist and later period Death. Corpse Garden also have that unabashed progressive streak that aided Atheist and Pestilence in making their death metal stand out from the crowd. ‘Portal to the Oneiric’ is one of the finest pieces of extreme music out there this year.

‘Entheogen’ is one of those records that makes you proud to be a fan of metal. Corpse Garden take their own path, taking bits and bobs from their musical predecessors but in the end meld it together into a cohesive record that is uniquely them. Writing a progressive/technical/brutal death metal record that stretches over an hour but doesn’t ever get boring or where songs disappear under too much guitar wankery is impressive, but adding in little interludes to break up the barrage is also great. I especially like ‘The Arrival of Saturn’, that collapses into the viper-like attack of ‘Suspended Over the Abyss’. The spiralling death-prog of ‘Evoking a Dead Sun’ is a thing of beauty, while the Suffocation-esque ‘Sulphur’ brings the brutality.

If you want to hear one of 2015’s more forward thinking death metal albums, find ‘Entheogen’ and prepare your body. Corpse Garden truly embody the term progressive death metal, and have more than enough brutality for us simple headbangers too. Horns up!


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