Review: Unleashed – Dawn of the Nine

Posted: August 7, 2015 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Unleashed - Dawn of the Nine

What more needs to be said about Unleashed? One of the founding bands of Swedish death metal, with a glut of high quality death metal albums under their belt and at least two stone cold classics, Unleashed’s legacy is safe in this world of metal. A reliable, hard working band who have never failed to raise a smile to my face or a fist to the sky when a new record comes out. Well, 2015 sees the release of ‘Dawn of the Nine’, the band’s twelfth full length, on Nuclear Blast, and what a ride upon Viking death metal riffs it is!

While Amon Amarth may have popularised Viking metal in modern music, Unleashed have been doing it and doing it brilliantly for years. Opener ‘A New Day Will Rise’ is a propulsive slab of anthemic death metal, capturing the essence of the band’s legacy straight away. ‘They Came to Die’ is possessed of a classic Swedeath riff, Johnny Hedlund’s now iconic roar accentuating each riff. ‘Defenders of Midgard’ is more midpaced, a heavy chug building to an acoustic conclusion, whose tranquility is instantly ripped apart by the roaring velocity of ‘Where is Your God Now?’ I guess its an unfortunate coincidence that Amon Amarth’s ‘Twilight of the Thunder God’ record has a song with almost the exact same title also as track four…

‘The Bolt Thrower’ opens with, almost by design, one of those steamrolling death riffs that is instantly reminiscient of the British world eaters. It’s a stunning track, and its probably my favourite on the record, although the crushing ‘Where Churches Once Burned’ is close. When you listen to Unleashed’s visceral and thrilling death metal, you start to realise the vast influence they’ve had on such bands. Amon Amarth inject more melody into their riffs perhaps, but Unleashed have perfected the concept of Viking themed death metal.

‘Dawn of the Nine’ is another great addition to a back catalogue of riffs and songs that become more impressive with each passing year. When a lot of vintage death metal bands struggle to live up to their legacy, Unleashed have slowly and steadily honed their craft and have since become one of death metal’s most reliable purveyors. Raise the Hammer and bang thy head.

  1. This album is pretty awesome, great review man. Makes me want to go listen to some old school unleashed \m/

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