Review: Osculum Infame – The Axis of Blood

Posted: August 7, 2015 in Reviews
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Osculum Infame - Axis of Blood

Osculum Infame are another one of these excellent French metal bands that don’t really sound like anyone else, but yet create something that clicks just perfectly with the whole scene. It is strange that the French black metal scene has created a signature sound, yet all the bands sound unique and different. Osculum Infame’s new record, ‘Axis of Blood’, is a savage statement of intent.

A satisfyingly thick, dense black metal record is what you’ll find here. Osculum Infame don’t jump straight into the rapid fire, skin flaying tremolo heavy riffing. Take ‘Cognitive Perdition of the Insane’ for a start. It moves at a slow, methodical pace that enhances the menace and feelings of darkness. Most bands would jump straight for the jugular, but Osculum Infame instantly stand out. Not that they aren’t capable of hitting a stride of rampant fury, such as the snarling ‘Kaoist Serpentis’.

Starting with three seven minute plus tracks is a sign of their commitment to quality. You wouldn’t risk songs that are boring or one dimensional of that length at the start of a record. Osculum Infame’s music is excellently written; chainsaw riffing clashing with the throaty growl of vocalist Deviant von Blakk. The vocals come to the fore in parts like the mid section comedown to ‘Kaoist Serpentis’, or the menacing coughing rasp of ‘My Angel’.

The variety in this record is simply great. I love the fact that there’s a black metal band out there that is at least attempting to try something different, rather than all the Darkthrone clones that are infecting the genre. Osculum Infame excel at this kind of dense, thick black metal that is assaulting your ears both with a slower menace or a waspish speed. My favourite is the regal, icy hatred of ‘Inner Falling of the Glory of God’, but you probably pick any song as a highlight here. ‘Axis of Blood’ is a record that will stand out in the end of year lists as one of single-minded effectiveness and quality.


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