Review: Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Reviews
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Kataklysm - Of Ghosts and Gods

What more needs to be said about these Canadian masters of the death metal riff? After 24 years and 12 albums of rampaging death metal, if you don’t know the kings of ‘Northern Hyperblast’, then you’ve not been paying enough attention. ‘Of Ghosts and Gods’ is their new effort, out now on Nuclear Blast.

Opening galloper ‘Breaching the Asylum’ is a white-hot riff monster with some huge melodies in the chorus. A chugging beast of a track, it showcases the slightly more melodic path the band had trod over the recent few albums. Not that they are going soft in their old age, not if the devastating ‘The Black Sheep’ has anything to say about it, but they have definitely understood the benefits of including more melody into their songwriting. ‘Of Ghosts and Gods’ is one of the more mature death metal records I’ve heard this year.

‘Marching Through Graveyards’ is heavy as fuck and pure mosh pit material. Kataklysm may have injected more melody but they’ll still destroy a pit at ten feet. The uber catchy cruise missile of ‘Soul Destroyer’ is a propulsive, rampant slab of almost melodic death metal, but stays just on the brutal side with a monstrous chug. Kataklysm are everything that is needed in modern death metal; accessible brutality with plenty of headbanging moments. The almost anthemic ‘Carrying Crosses’ is a perfect example of why Kataklysm are essential. Superb guitar harmonies mesh with a bombardment of double kicks, guttural but understandable roars and flesh searing riffs.

‘Of Ghosts and Gods’ is another notch in Kataklysm’s tree of perfect death. They’ve perfected their craft over two decades of destruction, and while it doesn’t match the sheer violence of their early work, ‘Of Ghosts and Gods’ is easily their maturest and most well rounded record yet. Turn on, turn up and prepare to get hyperblasted!


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