Review: Autokrator – Autokrator

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Reviews
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Autokrator - Autokrator

Autokrator are French, and their promotional bio describes them as ‘industrial death-drone’. That alone is enough to warrant interest, as it is known in metal circles that a French band doing something a little different could fit into a long line of their countrymen blowing minds with twisted forms of music. Their self titled record is out on Godz of War/Third Eye Temple.

‘Autokrator’ is probably one of the most suffocatingly dense records you’ll ever hear. Opener ‘Act I: The Tenth Persecution’ is immediately oppressive and tar like in its execution. A slow wall of riff and growl inexorably pushes down upon you, crushing the life from you, enveloping your mind in a brutality it’ll never have experienced before. The nearest I’ve come was the mental annihilation of Legion of Andromeda, whose records I’ve extolled the virtues of here before. ‘Act II: Exsuperator’ strikes me as what death via black hole would sound like, before an eerie ambience takes over.

The trend of aural terrorism continues, where Autokrator start to bring futility to attempts to categorise their sound. It’s dark, it’s dense and frankly terrifying in it’s hideous ritual. Hypnotic, droning industrial noise vibrates your mind while distorted vocals toy with your sanity and leave you shivering in madness. Mere words are rendered meaningless by Autokrator’s music, you simply need to immerse yourself in it and accept that you’re unlikely to come out the same…


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