Review: Angmaer – Sorg, Trolldom, Vinter/Beyond Life, Beyond Light

Posted: August 4, 2015 in Reviews
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First off, before I say anything about the band or the music, I simply love this artwork. It’s hauntingly bleak, and beautifully drawn. It suits the equally miserable and decaying sounds of Angmaer, a black metal act from Wolverhampton in the UK. This release, limited to 50 CDs, compiles the ‘Sorg, Trolldom, Vinter’ and ‘Beyond Life, Beyond Light’ EPs. There is something eternally bleak and depressing about the music as well, even when raging at full force like in first track proper ‘The Soul of Lisbeth’. It is probably best shown in the ghostly clean vocals that adorn parts of ‘ Night’s Eternal Cry’, where a murky pervading atmosphere infects each fuzzy, buzzing riff. There are some nice acoustic guitar moments here too, and while the blackened soul of the music yearns to burst out, Angmaer keeps it tastefully restrained until the right moment. ‘Sorg, Trolldom, Vinter’ is a particularly rabid slice of frosty black metal goodness, bookended by some softer acosutic parts, leading into the uplifting, soaring passages of ‘A Forest in the Sky’. ‘The Tower’ is more of the ambient black metal ilk, a sound I’m definitely warming to, as it lays on the atmosphere nice and thick before the very much dark ambient stylings of ‘I Rest Beyond Life’, which explodes into a devastating array of machine gun riffs and blastbeats The two EPs showcase the different strings to Angmaer’s bow. Capable of both frosty, searing black metal and more introspective ambient and melodic black metal, if you can manage to get your hands on a copy before it disappears, it is well worth your time


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