Review: Motor – Motor

Posted: August 1, 2015 in Reviews
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Motor - Motor

Motor by Motor, German old school speed metal warriors, is one of these albums that you find very hard to dislike. Their debut album came out over two years ago, but I’ve just managed to get round to getting a copy. I first heard them on a free CD that came with Slowly We Rot, one of Eastern Europe’s finer underground mags. I loved ‘Satanic Rock’, but what is the rest of the album like?

‘Highspeed Drinkers’ kicks us off with a great, punkish speed metal vibe with a dirty production and dirtier riffs. ‘Good Evening (This is Over the Top)’ is a short, sharp kick to the ribs, while the more mid paced thrasher ‘Hellride’ is just that dash chuggier and less frantic. The speedy, insanely catchy ‘Heavy Metal’ is great, and ‘Satanic Rock’ is still one of my favourite songs of the past few years. ‘Dr Steel’ is a white hot riffing beast of vintage thrash, while the high energy punk of ‘Truckstop Demon’ is raw and rocking.

Motor do speed metal the old fashioned way. Imagine crossing ‘Kill Em All’ with any Motorhead record then throwing in a dash of classic Venom in there, and you’re getting the idea. The vocals don’t have a lot of variety, and admittedly a lot of the songs sound similar, but when a band play with this much energy and conviction, it’s incredibly hard not to just grab a beer and bang your fucking head. ‘Motor’ is a great no frills metal album full of infectious songs and pure fucking aggression!



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