Review: Coffincraft – In Eerie Slumber

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Reviews
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As album titles and album art goes, Finnish death metallers Coffincraft have got something special. The stark black and white ethereality of it is startlingly. Their new record, ‘In Eerie Slumber’, is out on Memento Mori, who have a reputation for putting out great death metal records, and this is no exception.

Take the imperious ‘Impious Spawn’ as a perfect example. Forged from the rawest of Swedeath chainsaw riffing and Entombed/Dismember worship, it is however brilliantly written and avoids being just another copycat buzzsaw death metal song. It is said that a lot of Finnish metal has something a bit strange, a bit different about it. You don’t get that same feeling here, but what you do get is a sense of melody and catchiness that helps the songs stay rooted in your mind.

There’s a satisfying crunch to the guitarwork that helsp accentuate the fine riff mining that is going on. ‘In Eerie Slumber’ does little you’ve not heard before, but it executes songs like ‘Ill Verdict’ and ‘Necrostation’ with a vitality and a reckless abandon that we don’t see much anymore. The chugging ‘Exaltation of Fornication’ is another highlight, along with the thudding swagger of ‘The Claimant’. There’s a particularly swampy vocal on ‘Ego Pt II’ that I like, where the pace drops to a deadly crawl and there are incantations from the depths.

‘In Eerie Slumber’ is up there with Austerymn’s debut as two of my favourite Swedeath style death metal records this year. There’s something to be said for keeping the old school alive, while not just rehashing old glories. ‘In Eerie Slumber’ will never be as good as ‘Left Hand Path’ or ‘Into the Grave’, but Coffincraft have razor sharp songwriting, coupled with some heavy as fuck riffing and a furious delivery that makes them utterly essential stuff.

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