Review: Enthring – The Art of Chaos

Posted: July 29, 2015 in Reviews
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Enthring - The Art of Chaos

Finnish melodeathsters Enthring have released a new three track EP, following up from their 2011 opus, ‘The Grim Tales of the Elder’. Scandinavian melodeath you say? Predictable and boring you say? Fear not, because Enthring are pretty good.

‘We Thrive on Chaos’ sounds like the mighty Wintersun, if Jari decided to focus on ripping metal rather than his epic compositions. It’s catchy, rampant and laden with suitable keyboard additions that enhance the melodies pouring from it. ‘And We Dream of Our Desire’ starts with sombre violin, before another round of intricate riffing and spiralling guitars spills from the speakers, worming its way into your memory and reminding you that metal can be very much full of melody when bands make the effort.

Closing with ‘The Second Vengeance Orchestra’ (no word as to what happened to the first one), Enthring’s three tracks held my attention a lot longer than a lot of melodeath these days. It’s all so samey, so that when bands like Enthring or Necrocosm come along and play with heart and talent, that it becomes readily apparent why I became a fan of metal in the first place. I’m looking forward to the next release, because Enthring have totally nailed that wonderful European metal sound. It’s thrilling, with great harmonies and great songs.

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