Review: Deathstorm – The Gallows EP

Posted: July 27, 2015 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Austria’s Deathstorm are just one of those bands that comes along with a short, sharp kick to the jewels. ‘The Gallows EP is just that, and showcases their ability to thrash like a motherfucker.

‘Consummate Horror’ comes spiralling in with wailing guitar before taking off with a vintage Germanic thrash sound, replete with smashing drums and a rasping, shrieking vocal that is just classic Sodom. Then it becomes something special, with an great spacious melodic section before a crazed solo takes us to the conclusion. ‘From Oblivion’ is a rampant, razor shot to the head, vicious and straight to the point. It’s thrillingly visceral, and contrasts nicely with some of the other moments on the EP, like the classy harmonies at the start of ‘Burial Ritual’.

There’s a lot of variety on this hsort EP, which helps makes it feel even more impressive. A lot of thrash bands can come across as one dimensional, where Deathstorm succeed by mixing it up a bit. Great riffwork and a refreshing vitality makes ‘The Gallows’ a pleasant surprise.


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