Review: Sorrows Path – Doom Philosophy

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Reviews
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Sorrows Path - Doom Philosophy

Now, I’ve listened to a lot of doom in my time. So when you come across a record entitled ‘Doom Philosophy’, you raise a sceptical eyebrow and look further. Sorrows Path are a Greek band who were formed way back in 93, but were on hiatus from 98-05 after some demo releases. ‘Doom Philosophy’ is their second record since their comeback, and is just shy of an hour of gloomy metal tunes.

First track proper ‘Tragedy’ feels almost like a gloomy trad metal song, like Candlemass crossed with Maiden almost. This kind of power metal influence runs throughout the whole album, and gives Sorrows Path this unique sound. It’s not a mix you’d ever expect to work, but here it does. The band work this uber melodic metal sound with aplomb, combining with a melancholic darkness synonymous with more traditional doom. The genuinely closest comparison I can feel is Candlemass, but more melodic and more upbeat. Vocalist Angelos Ioannidis has a rich voice with a great ‘doom’ tone to it, that adds a gravitas to a song like ‘A Dance With the Dead’, which oozes a Septicflesh feeling in parts too.

‘Doom Philosophy’ has some fantastic songs on it. Sorrows Path may be a lot more lively than many doom bands, but there’s a permeating sense of gloom about the tracks. The guitarwork is stellar, but the riffs don’t have that satisfying thick crunch that a lot of doom has. Personally a bit heavier would have done me better, but I definitely can’t fault Sorrows Path for trodding their own way. I’d rather that then have them lost amongst every sub par doom clone. Plus, I’d have never heard the theatrical stomp of ‘Everything Can Change’ featuring Snowy Shaw, which is probably my favourite track here.

While avoiding the main pitfalls of doom metal (relentless repeating boring riffs, thinking the slower the better is law etc etc), Sorrows Path cut a new direction for melodic doom. Candlemass may have invented the term ‘epic melodic doom’, but they were really meaning stuff like this. ‘Doom Philosophy’ is a monster of a record, full of classy songwriting, great riffing and a rich, full vcal performance.



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