Review: Kyy – Travesty of Light

Posted: July 16, 2015 in Reviews
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Kyy, meaning ‘viper’ in their native tongue, are a new black metal war machine vomited forth from the black pits of Finland. Their debut recording, ‘Travesty of Light’, is due to be released this August by Saturnal Records, and is 14 minutes of blood drenched rabid black metal.

Opener ‘Death – The Great Liberator’ has this great, uneasy vibe running through it, almost a swaying riff enclosed by harsh growls and a layer of murk. It is refreshingly different from a lot of black metal you hear these days, and I have to give Kyy a lot of credit for that. It’s easy for black metal bands to go purely blasting/tremolo, so to hear variations is always welcome.

‘Everlasting Fire’ is a bit more traditional, barrelling forward with an almost necropunk attitude. Dashes of latter Darkthrone clash with an icy regality reminiscient of Satyricon to create an intriguing mix. The musicianship is top notch, and the production is raw enough without losing any of the instruments. The guitars sound razor sharp and the vocals are a torrid howl of desperation and nightmares. The gloomy title track has dashes of Gallhammer at the start; a melancholic trudge through a misty evening. The crushing ‘Immaculate Serpent King’ brings to a close one of the more accomplished and interesting black metal releases you’ll hear all year. I recommend picking this up as soon as you can, as it is brilliant.


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