Review: Harrow – Fallow Fields

Posted: July 14, 2015 in Reviews
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Harrow - Fallow Fields

Harrow are Canadian black metallers, formerly known as Wraith until 2011. ‘Fallow Fields’ is their third album, following on from 2011’s ‘Wanderer’ and 2013’s ‘Fragments of a Fallen Star’. Harrow play a Drudkh/Wolves in the Throne Room style of atmospheric black metal, with a ghostly hypnotic drone permeating through each track.

Opener ‘Pathways’ has delicate acoustics that lead into a raging black metal frenzy, coated in an ethereal mood and wih some haunting keyboard effects in the background. There has been a massive explosion in this kind of black metal in the past few years, and it’s hard for bands to stick out but Harrow have got their own particular charm, coupling an almost tribal and ambient styling with the more prominent black metal moments.

Harrow’s compositions, while not particularly technical or unique, are however evocative and addictive. The frankly beautiful ‘Through the Grey’, with its acoustic start that feeds into a soaring lead guitar, is one of my favourite moments. There’s something about this kind of black metal, with the emphasis on the atmosphere and the ‘feeling’ it generates, that gets me every time. Harrow have got that magic for me, and I’m a fan.

Be it the engrossing title track, or the soaring epic of ‘Awake Before the Dawn’, ‘Fallow Fields’ is a hidden gem in the world of atmospheric black metal. Arriving with little fanfare, but leaving you emotionally drained and yet invigorated at the same time, Harrow have weaved something intoxicating here.


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