Review: Dawn of Chaos – The Need to Feed

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Reviews
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Dawn of Chaos - The Need to Feed

Dawn of Chaos wrote this album three years ago, then sadly split before it saw the light of day. I first came across them on the ‘Northern Discomfort’ split in 2009, and was impressed by their technical savvy and brutality. It was a shame to see them leave the scene, but I’m glad UKEM Records decided to put this out, as it truly shows what a loss it was.

‘Blind, Torture, Kill’ is a thudding, chunky riff laden death metal beast, channelling Cannibal Corpse at their sleekest. Following this with the equalling visceral ‘The Thrall Engine’, with its stop start blasting time changes, it is clear the stall that Dawn of Chaos set out was one of destruction and razor riffage. The delightfully monikered ‘Force Fed Embryonic Slurry’ is a brutal worship of Suffocation or Nile, plowing the sludgy depths of brutal technical death. Dawn of Chaos clearly understood the importance of combining all the singular elements of death metal that makes it appealing into one, cohesive whole.

Take ‘Engineering Atrocities’ as an example. We have brutal guttural vocals, rampaging blastbeats and double kicks underpinning a devastating range of riffing.At once, they reference Immolation and Cannibal Corpse, with a crushing morbid chug and a deathly growl. Dawn of Chaos also win some bonus points with me due to some of their inspired song titles. ‘Muffocated’ anyone? Although I can’t believe there’s not a band somewhere called ‘Abominatrix’, because frankly that’s brilliant.

I’m glad that the spirit of Dawn of Chaos lives on in Vacivus, because to lose the talents that created this record from the scene would be a great shame. ‘The Need to Feed’ is a chugging behemoth of a death metal record, each song crafted from the heaviest of metals and the darekst of places. CRUSH. KILL. DESTROY!


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