Review: George Kollias – Invictus

Posted: July 4, 2015 in Reviews
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Can a solo record by a drummer be truly absorbing? As vital as drumming is to the world of metal, I was sceptical of the merits of this kind of thing. The main draw for me is that George Kollias is the Greek sticksman for my favourite death metal band, Nile. He is undeniably talented, forging a brutally precise style that is crushingly heavy and yet technically astounding. His solo record, ‘Invictus’ is here, and boy does it turn out that Kollias is ludicrously talented at pretty much every instrument.

‘Invictus’ is a raging maelstorm of death metal, underpinned at its core by Kollias’ staggering drumming performance. Each track showcases his vast talent, blasting, filling his way through an epic score of Middle Eastern death metal. It has an undeniable link to Nile’s innovative mix of technical brutality and ethnic instrumentation, but it lacks that magic touch that Sanders et al brings to Nile’s material. Not that you should be disappointed that it isn’t as good as Nile; almost nothing is.

Kollias is a drum teacher in his life outside Egyptian themed death metal barrage, and I can imagine he must be one of the finest there is. He’s certainly one of the finest in all of metal, and ‘Invictus’ is proof. The relentless battering of ‘The Passage’ is some of Kollias’ hardest and heaviest drumming on record. He is free here, not restrained by some of Nile’s more esoteric moments. The dense thunder of ‘Aeons of Burning Galaxies’ assaults the senses, while ‘Shall Rise/Shall Be Dead’ comes across as a more streamlined Nile, without the dense technicalities.

‘Invictus’ is a triumph for solo records. It is a straightforward technical death metal record that nonetheless excels in all areas. The drumming is, understandably, exemplerary, but Kollias knows how to write a death metal song that loses none of its violence but still has those little moments of atmosphere that sets it apart. His riffs are razor sharp, catchy and the vocals are sick too. Excellent!

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly! This record, like Kollias himself, is truly something special! Great review!

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