Review: Necrocosm – Damnation Doctrine

Posted: July 3, 2015 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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I’ve been looking forward to Necrocosm’s debut since I heard their demo last year. They play some ripping melodic death metal that stays well on the death side of the genre, while throwing out some epic guitar hero riffs. Here at last, is ‘Damnnation Doctrine’.

The title track opens with exactly what I’m talking about. Instrumental, and it is all about the licks, the riffs, the power of metal. ‘Sworn Hatred’ follows that with the kind of death metal fury we can all get behind. A fiercely guttural vocal fights with sleek melodic riffs for attention, reminding you of how good melodeath can be when it is does right. Think early In Flames, not late In Flames. Galloping riffs consume your neck in a frenzy of headbanging moments.

‘Damnation Doctrine’  shows a vast step forward from their demo. Necrocosm are invigorating in the same way as Revocation are, bringing metric fucktons of melody and heaviness in equal amounts. The raging ‘Architects of Death” showcases the latter, with a savage thrust of rampant At the Gates worship, coupled with some brutal grinding sections and a spiralling solo.

My favourite track is the brutal ‘Forcefed Progeny’, which sounds almost like Lamb of God hatefucking Deicide. I love it. The three demo tracks are here as well, and while not quite as stellar as the newer material, still stand up strong against them, particularly the flailing violence of ‘Hypnagogic’. ‘Octopian Eclipse’ is here too, first released back in January as a teaser to ‘Damnation Doctrine’, and is a crushing ode to the part that the Haunted have played in Necrocosm’s songwriting evolution. Necrocosm channel the best bits of melodeath luminaries without tripping over the genre’s many pitfalls. Melod

Remember a few years back when anything tagged as ‘melodic death metal’ was generic, At the Gates clones with lots of musical talent but no songwriting ability? Fear not, Necrocosm are here to save the day. Guitar hero-esque riffing, killer solos, a satisfyingly brutal vocal performance missing all traces of clean vocals and a thunderous drumming performance does a great metal album make. ‘Damnation Doctrine’ is 2015’s first essential melodeath record, and it may be the only one. Buy the shit out of this, because they’ll go far if you do.


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