Review: Black Flame – The Origin of Fire

Posted: June 28, 2015 in Reviews
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Black Flame - The Origin of Fire

Italian blackened death metallers Black Flame have been spewing their blasphemic odes since 1998, and ‘The Origin of Fire’ marks their sixth full length album since their debut in 2003, ‘The Third Revelation’. It is out now of Avantgarde Music.

‘The Origin of Fire’ is a caustic cauldron of razor sharp riffing and a barrage of blastbeats, rasping odes to the dark places of mankind’s psyche. This is a relentless, savage beating of an album that rages from the word go. But there are moments of melody and variety in amongst the blackness. ‘Unholy Cult of Rejection’ has a melodic solo section that rips, and ‘Under the Bridge of Illusions’ has a great malevolent chugging section that mixes things up well.

But its the more savage parts of the record that do it for me, like the arse tearing ‘On the Trail of the Serpent’ or the seething ‘The Fire Union’. You can see why they were signed to Forces of Satan records, owned by Infernus of Gorgoroth fame. Black Flame possess that same, howling intensity and raging blackened delivery, but underpinned by a thicker, satisfying death metal crunch. ‘The Origin of Fire’ belches fire and brimstone with a conviction that is both impressive and kinda scary. Find this record, light black candles and worship at the altar of Satanic black/death metal rage.


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