Review: Angakok – S/T

Posted: June 27, 2015 in Reviews
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Belgium’s Angakok are an interesting proposition, melding doom, sludge and drone into a chaotic dirging behemoth of a record. Vast riffs loom from darkness, weaving droning metal through the fog.

After the dense drone of opener ‘Perpaluktok Aitut’, the doom starts proper with the slow motion crush of ‘Sacrifice’. Riffs the size of mountains groan under their own weight, while a tortured vocal howls from somewhere within. The torturous gloom of ‘Collapsing’ is the musical equivalent of watching a glacier crush you to death; it is slow but excruciatingly inevitable. It feels like the spiritual successor to Winter’s ‘Into Darkness’.

‘Angakok’ is a bleak, power statement as a debut album. The hypnotic droning of ‘Aksarpok’ leads into the blood and thunder of ‘Samsara’, a lurching twelve minute assault that is equals parts raw sludge and titanic doom. The word ‘epic’ is thrown around too much these days, especially with songs that are ten minutes plus, but ‘Samsara’ is an epic tour de force of primal rage and riff. A true album centrepiece, when the haunting mid section arrives with just a jangling guitar and a rumbling bass, where samples fade in and out.

The throbbing ‘Avioyok’ leads into the menacing smash of ‘Dead Birds’ and the almost wistfully jarring ‘Trust My Scorn’. Mixing blunt, crashing riffage with a sense of foreboding and in parts a genuine sense of dread, Angakok’s debut is a special release. Rarely is this kind of sludgy doom so emotionally honest, so drainingly heavy and so damn enjoyable. Take lessons folks, ‘Empty Cup’ is how you write end of the world music



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