Review: Vacivus – Rite of Ascension

Posted: June 25, 2015 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Rite of Ascension cover art

The cover of UK blackened death monsters Vacivus’ new EP, ‘Rite of Ascension’, kinda sums up the entire release. It looks like a black hole, surrounded by spilt blood, which encapsulates the type of music the band make; it’s savage, it’s threatening and it’s bleakly nihilistic. I first heard them on a rehearsal demo from last September time, and they blew my mind then.

‘Rite of Ascension’ has the three tracks from that demo on it, plus three new emanations from the void. Opener ‘Dark Apoethesis’ is a new one, belching forth with howling guitar and a tectonic rumble. It is rabid, feral death metal with a cavernous growl, aping both Autopsy’s sludgy, filthy take on the genre and the cloying atmosphere of Hooded Menace. The title track is still the clattering, freight train of death metal I loved the first time around, while ‘Ageless, Nameless’ is heavier than a bulldozer enema.

Vacivus mesh all of the greatest parts of death metal into a cohesive, vicious whole. They’ve got the ungodly vocals, their riffing is dense and thrilling while their double bass kick is brutal yet not overwhelming. ‘Hostis Rei’ has some intense, Morbid Angel moments, and closer ‘Vacivus Aeternum’ rumbles forth with some of Behemoth’s blackened majesty, before descending into grinding madness. The solo wails from the depths of darkness and an eerie, hypnotic drone eases us out, sanity left behind.

‘Rite of Ascension’ is a vigorous kick in the face to the UK death metal scene. Up there with some of the best death metal I’ve heard this year, Vacivus do not disappoint and I cannot wait to hear some more of this. Only Death is Real!


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