Review: Exhumation – Opus Death

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Reviews
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Opus Death

Indonesian death metal trio Exhumation have unleashed their second album, ‘Opus Death’, this year, and being of that south eastern corner of Asia, you can almost guess that this will be a particularly rabid slab of raw death metal. Unsurprisingly, I was right in my assumption, and thank fuck because this is goddamn invigorating.

‘Soul Wanders’ roars out of the gate with a rampant buzzsaw riff and a cavernous grim vocal. This is relentless, filthy death metal, vomited from the primordial ooze replete with all the horrifying evil that comes with it. Solos howl, drums thud and vocalist Bones growls and rasps like a man possessed. ‘Upon Our Hordes’ rumbles with a barely contained malevolence, and the slower sections remind me a lot of Obituary at their slow rawest. ‘Witching Evil’ sounds like Sodom crossed with early Swedeath, a raging torrent of death metal putridity.

This is the kind of death metal that you might think has been done a lot recently, but its the kind that should be done more often because it positively throbs with inspiration. All the great bands are referenced here, from early Slayer and Sodom to the kind of war metal you normally find in South America. There is a dense atmosphere of darkness and foreboding, especially prevalent on the ghostly piano led ‘The Sleeping Darkness’. A welcome break from the assault, it nonetheless fits the vibe of the record perfectly. Equally important is the haunting acoustics of ‘Lullabyss’, showing that Exhumation are not your average one trick death metal group.

If ripping death thrash riffs with a thick black metal-esque atmosphere and belched vocals of death are your thing, then Exhumation are for you. Think ‘Hell Awaits’ crashing into ‘Altars of Madness’, with the production values of a murky swamp. It’s dark, raw and fucking awesome.


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