Review: W. Angel’s Conquest – Taste of Life

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Reviews
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Ukrainain power metallers W. Angel’s Conquest have released their new album ‘Taste of Life’ this year. Ukraine is more often known for some stunning pagan black metal bands than power metal, but W. Angel’s Conquest have been going for almost 20 years now, so they’re obviously doing something right.

This is for fans of Symphony X and Helloween, so you can guess you’re going to find a load of catchy melodies and soaring vocals. I have a bit of a soft spot for this kinda metal when its done right, and W.Angel’s Conquest do it right for me. Opener ‘Revolution’ is full of galloping riffs and huge hooks. It reminds me a lot of Sonata Arctica, especially vocalist Konstantin Naumenko. He has a great range, and his voice is powerful and crystal clear. The music is remarkably fast paced for power metal, taking a more trad metal/thrash approach than some power metal bands. The solos are beautifully written, each matching their song wonderfully well.

Power metal is a strange beast. On a bad day, it can be so overloaded with cheese it makes you wanna puke. On a good day, it raises fists and makes you wanna scream out the choruses. W. Angel’s Conquest lean definitely more towards the latter, with each track being catchy as hell while remaining distinctive. Keyboard use is sparing, highlighting only when required, like in the anthemic ‘Sunrise’. Followed by the epic and glorious ‘Spirit of Freedom’, which is possibly my favourite track, it makes for a strong opening statement.

Sure, there’s the typical power metal ballad ‘Blooming Day’, but even that is handled with a bit of style. It’s at least a bit heavy which is better than most of the piano led dross you hear on albums like these. The title track rocks with aplomb, and that sums up ‘Taste of Life’ pretty well. A well crafted, catchy power metal album that doesn’t outstay its welcome nor have any dud songs. Its metal Jim, just how we like it.


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