Review: Fragile Existence – Cataclysms and Beginnings

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Reviews
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Canadian death metal squad Fragile Existence have vomited forth their follow up to debut record ‘Departing the Damned’ this year, entitled ‘Cataclysms and Beginnings’, featured ten of some of 2015’s finest deathly riffs and brutality.

From the offset, Fragile Existence present a highly polished machine of brutality and death metal. The riffs are technical but not overly so, the groove on opening track ‘A Malignant Design’ is sickening, and there’s plenty of vocal variations to keep you occupied. The steamroller groove continues into the title track, that hits heavier than the proverbial ton of bricks. There’s oodles of melody in the savage ‘Limitless Genocide’, and dashes of discordance in the thunderous ‘Four Walls of Emptiness’.

There is a misstep in ‘Four Walls of Emptiness’, with the cleaner vocal section that doesn’t quite match up with the brutality of the rest of the record, but its a minor complaint. With the crush of ‘Accomodating Demise’ and the brilliantly titled ‘Clandestine Laboratories of Unbridled Malevolence’ leading the way, Fragile Existence have got themselves an excellent record here. I especially dig the banging ‘Pathogenic Nightmare’ with its wicked soloing.

‘Cataclysms and Beginnings’ is slick, well executed death metal with some great songwriting. Headbanging groove meets raging blasting in a great mix of modern and vintage death metal styles. It doesn’t do anything new or fancy, but who needs that with riffs this good?


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