Review: Feanor Omega – Anima

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Reviews
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Another high quality release of Austrian black metal, and also on Cursed Records, is the one man project of Feanor Omega. Atmospheric black metal is the order of the day here, and ‘Anima’ is 50+ minutes of some high quality music.

Delicate acoustics pervade this release right from the very start. ‘Waiting’ exudes a peaceful calm that is broken by a wailing tremolo riff, clattering drums and a rasping croak. A solemn clean vocal takes over, as the pace is slowed and a more melodic edge comes out. Feanor Omega combine many elements to great effect on this opener. Following this with the soaring, melancholic ‘Otherworld’ is a nice touch. It’s an emotional piece, broken up with some nasty blasting, but returns to its moribund state once more.

The uber melodic ‘Risen’ is instantly memorable, and it flows nicely into the ghostly ‘Drowning’. Another example of the acoustic prowess of Feanor Omega, ‘Drowning’ is classy in its execution, especially the change into more traditional black metal parts. The guttural ‘Die Sonne wient’ is probably the darkest track here, with its almost chugging riffs and raw vocal delivery, while the introspective ‘Noir’ provides a calming respite.

The highlight of ‘Anima’ is probably the epic ‘Epos:Anima’, but there are many. A diverse, often dark and yet delicate album, ‘Anima’ is an album to mulled over, absorbed and enjoyed multiple times. Haunting at one moment, cathartic at the next.


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