Review: Black Pestilence – Outsiders

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Reviews
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Canadian blackened punk upstarts Black Pestilence have self released their fourth studio record, ‘Outsiders’. A furious half hour of speed metal laced punkish black metal, Black Pestilence have a vitality and a rabid spirit that makes this very endearing.

Opener ‘Cult Class’ is relentless, crusty punk with a rasping black metal snarl. I like the prominent use of bass in some of the riffing, and how each song is gloriously infectious in its execution. Be it the strangely electronic vocal effects in the lurching ‘Unseen Force’, which throbs with an epic groove, or the simple speedy snap of ‘Horns for the Devil’, Black Pestilence have crafted some top quality songs that are catchy yet still nasty.

‘Outsiders’ is a great record for someone who needs a short, sharp shock to the system. It’s a rabid mix of black metal nastiness and punk energy, and has some razor sharp riffing. The surprisingly complex ‘Voiceless Generation’ closes the record with an eerie malevolence that doesn’t come to the fore quite enough for me. A little more like this and they could be serious contenders. As they are, Black Pestilence are a great band, and ‘Outsiders’ is a fun blast!


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