Review: Deuil – Shock/Deny

Posted: June 3, 2015 in Reviews
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Belgian noise terrorists Deuil, bringers of doom in the form of blackened sludge ritual, have released ‘Shock/Deny’, their new two track, 30 minute sonic annihilation. A dark amalgamation of black, doom and sludge, ‘Shock/Deny’ is a beast to be reckoned with.

First track, ‘Shock’, lurches from the gate with a menacing hiss and a crawling riff. Rasping shrieks accompany the atonal rumble, underpinned by powerful, dense drumming. There’s forays into blasting black metal fury, reminscient of some of Wolves in the Throne Room’s more savage moments. Icy tremolo scythes through the thick atmosphere, making the transition back to creeping sludge even more jarring when it comes. This is dark, twisted stuff that is just excellent.

Final track ‘Deny’ continues this heritage, an intensely bleak delivery that will please fans of both sludge and black metal. A true hybrid, Deuil work the crushing nihilistic bent of sludge with the primal viciousness of cold black metal, leaving a charred husk. A thing of ugly beauty, ‘Shock/Deny’ should be on anybody’s list who enjoys dark music. Unforgiving, bleak and undeniably evil, Deuil hit the coffin nail on the head right here.


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