Review: Mist – Inan (EP)

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Band of the Day, Reviews
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Mist, Slovenian mistresses of doom who burst onto the scene in 2013 with their classy, traditional doom demo, have returned with their new EP, ‘Inan’. Recorded along with their new guitarist Blaž Tanšek, ending their all female lineup, it keeps up their journey into Sabbathian riff utopia.

The title track starts with a soulful croon and a classic grooving riff. The magic instantly comes back from their demo, the Sabbath and Vitus influence looms vastly but Mist have got that stunning female lead that sets them apart. None of this flouncy folky occult rock doom that most female vocal doom bands do. Mist do it like Mount Salem; heavy and bluesy. An epic start.

‘Frozen Velvet’ is a more mature piece, opening delicately before a swooning riff leads a soulful howl out into the open. Never shying from the vintage of 70s doom, Mist have got as much soul as Blues Pills but are much more traditional in their vibe. It reeks of mournful Candlemass moments, with an evocative vocal smothering the blues with a rich tone. ‘Under the Night Sky’ is a menacing chug dripping with a ritual atmosphere, dabbling in dashes of occult rock to compliment the elephantine groove and the eerie vocals.

Closing with ‘Phobia’, rerecorded from their original demo and still holding up against the beauty of their newer stuff by the sheer groove of its main riff pattern, ‘Inan’ is another wonderful collection of songs. Mist are something very special. Like Mount Salem before them, doom has never sounded so touching, so powerful, so alive. Take Mist to your heart and you’ll never regret it.


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