Review: Urfuchs – Richtnacht

Posted: May 26, 2015 in Reviews
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German black metallers Urfuchs hail from Hamburg, Germany, and have just released their first record, ‘Richtnacht’, available on Bandcamp for free download!

After a creepy, rasping intro, first track proper ‘Ghul’ is a suitably raw and nasty slice of Darkthronian black metal. It’s unstoppable, cold and merciless in its one dimensional assault. Compare that with the mid paced and more melodic ‘For I Carved This Mountain’, showcasing a variety of styles that become more apparent as the album progresses. I think this is my favourite track, a mid paced gloomy piece that ebbs and flows beautifully.

Mixed in the band’s home studio, ‘Richtnacht’ sounds remarkably clean and crisp, but it hasn’t lost anything of that traditional black metal rawness or grime. ‘Totenwald’ has some folky melodies intertwined with icy black metal, but an eerie hanging riff accompanied by wretched rasps is the highlight. The title track drips with a blackened menace, but is chameleonic with some deft thrash licks while the monolithic ‘Im kalten Morgenlicht’ drifts out of acoustics into a throbbing masterpiece of atmospheric black metal. It soars with ambient backgrounds and razor guitars.

Closing with ‘Malepartus’, a piece that combines that unique touch the band have with the traditional blueprints of black metal, Urfuchs have crafted a fine black metal debut. Each song shows a different string to their blackened bow, from icy rampages to contemplative, almost post metal atmospheres. Great find, and a great album!


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