Review: Starless Night – Lost in Life’s Endless Maze

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Reviews
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Starless Night have released ‘Lost in Life’s Endless Maze’, their new album on Sixsixsix Music. Now the label head honcho Steve and I have been friends for a while now, and I can pretty much trust his judgment on a band’s quality if he releases their stuff. I also heard the epic ‘Time Heals Nothing When There’s No Good to See’ on one of the label’s Metal Legions free downloads. I’m eager to see what the band can produce in a full length.

Starless Night play a surprisingly heavy form of atmospheric, depressive black metal. Sure, there are soaring melodies within the relentless tremolo riffing, but the underpinning barrage of drums is satisfying thick and dense. The atmosphere is very cold though; Starless Night are all about your more traditional icy riffing, howling like a frozen wind. ‘Deeper in These Realms I Go’ is a perfect example, with a relentless  throbbing assault which makes the sudden drop off into eerie ambience and then return to frigid riffs seem even more startling.

‘Lost in Life’s Endless Maze’ is a full 70+ minutes of cold dead riffs, buzzing with an icy malevolence. Swathes of dark ambient moments compliment the harsh black metal, and hearing the tinkling clarity of the title track’s intro slowly being overtaken by a looming buzz is a moment to cherish. ‘Time Heals Nothing…’ is still twenty minutes of some of this year’s finest atmospheric black metal, and is followed by another twenty minute track that challenges it for pure dark majesty.

‘Lost in Life’s Endless Maze’ is a long listening experience, but it is worth it to hear the grasp of dynamics and aching beauty in some of the riffing. Thoroughly memorable and stunningly bleak, Starless Night will be definitely worth looking out for in years to come.


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