Review: Unmercenaries – Fallen in Disbelief

Posted: May 19, 2015 in Reviews
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Unmercenaries are a Russian death doom band, who are releasing their newest record, ‘Fallen in Disbelief’ this year. As fitting to the genre, this is 45 minutes of punishingly heavy, torturously slow crushing riffage, played out over four tracks.

Opener ‘Among the Stars’ opens with a crawling intro before a crashing of guitars and a brutal growl signals Armageddon. The addition of touches of violin is nice to help create that additional melancholy, but the main feeling is a sense of dread and weight. While most death/doom is, by default, one dimensional, there is no danger of that here. Acoustic passages, mournful piano and vocal interplay between inhuman shrieks and beastial growls keep the interest high. ‘A Portal’ continues the trend, grinding away at your sanity and your joy at life until it is but a husk.

The ghostly start to ‘Circles of Disbelief’ is my favourite example of why Unmercenaries are a band worth following. They’ve crafted their debut record with grace, mixing in elements that many of their peers would ignore. Their softer moments make the titanic riff breakdowns even heavier, and even more affecting. The Akerfeldt-esque clean vocals are a surprising but totally fitting addition too. It ebbs and flow beautifully, and leads to an album that will truly inspire you


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