Review: Vermörd – Dawn of the Black Harvest

Posted: May 16, 2015 in ALERT: Awesome new music, Reviews
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Dawn of the Black Harvest cover art

Vermörd are a disgustingly talented band for their age. Seriously, it makes an old bastard like me feel totally untalented when I hear a record like ‘Dawn of the Black Harvest’ and think ‘FUCK! I wish I’d the musical abilities to write that…’ Baltimore must have something nasty in its water. Side note; I love the album art by the way, the goatlords of Satan praying to a tree, a tree of death and evil perhaps? Nonetheless, its cool as fuck.

After the mood building intro, you are flattened by the staggering black/death assault of ‘Plagued Eyes from the Scrolls of Xafmirtas’ which, aside from being less than catchy as a songtitle, is a totally brilliant song. Riffs fly from all angles, blastbeats pepper the surroundings and caustic black metal shrieking meets brutal death metal savagery. I’m digging this a lot. ‘Ophite Cultus Satanas’ is more of the same, throwing in some melodic riffing in amongst the death metal.

Smashing together the razor sharp riffing of prime Dissection with the brutality of modern tech death and then coating it with a shiny film of blackness, Vermörd create a ragingly relentless album of pure fucking metal. The Behemoth-esque ‘Derodidymus’ is a particular highlight in a record where it’s hard to pick just one standout moment. Vermörd are just fucking brilliant and that’s all that needs to be said. Find this record and purchase it!

  1. […] “Vermörd are just fucking brilliant and that’s all that needs to be said. Find this record and purchase it!” is what The KillChain Blog said of the new Vermörd Dawn Of The Black Harvest album out now via Grimoire Records. Read it all here: […]

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