Review: Angelfuck – Stool Samples

Posted: May 12, 2015 in Reviews
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Angelfuck are a terrifying proposition. A crushing, trainwreck of death metal, grindcore and crust punk wrapped in a shell of barbed wire and laced with poison. And that’s probably the nicer description I wrote… ‘Stool Samples’ is a back catalogue compilation of 14 songs in 21 minutes, and its probably one of the nastiest 21 minutes you’ll ever hear.

These are the difficult records to review. The ones that fly past you in less time than some Dream Theater songs. I’ve found you don’t analyse the songs here, you analyse the whole piece. Some of the song titles are particularly brilliant, like the hilarious ‘Necro Zombie Ice Cream Cone’ and the just plain wrong ‘Bacon Sandwich Covered in Shit’. But each style that’s chucked in here is well represented, with the punkish vibe of ‘Dogshit’ clashing with the noise carnage of ‘Dead Devil Doll’. Cool samples like the start of ‘Stabbed in the Face’ and the warlike ‘Fucked State’ help create the mood of pure fucking hatred and nihilism.

Angelfuck bring you filth in 14 tracks. ‘Stool Samples’ is the sound of the Devil’s vomit, emanating from a crack in the ground. Favourite track has got to be the guttural crawl of ‘Mangled’. Perfect for scaring neighbours, dogs, cats and emo kids.


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