The Killchain Hour: Promoting the Best

Posted: May 5, 2015 in Killchain Hour, Live Funeral Radio

Tuesday night’s playlist is another one inspired by all these wonderful bands I’ve experienced with my reviewing work. I’m starting to build up this great portfolio of reviews thanks to the PR companies that contact me to review. So far there’s been none that I haven’t enjoyed, so long may that continue! Also I’m plugging two records this week particularly for some friends of mine, first British death metal brilliance in Austerymn and Finnish crust punk Vinoristi!

1. Agos – Akkadian Cenotaph
2. Agonie – Aufgelost in Wohlgefallen
3. Funerary Bell – In Eleanor’s Garden
4. Malphas – Occult Propaganda
5. Skyforger – Senprusija
6. Plage – Chained by Flesh
7. Aion – IV
8. Ashbringer – With Vacant Eyes
9. Austerymn – Darkness Burns Forever
10. Vinoristi – Kaupunkini Eramaani
11. Vasomortus – Orgy of Dismemberment

Listen here at 10pm GMT on Tuesday

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