Review: Malphas – Occult Propaganda

Posted: April 26, 2015 in Reviews
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‘Occult Propaganda’ is the debut EP from Swiss black metallers Malphas. Malphas, in demonology, is a Great Prince of Hell commanding legions of demons, so I think you can guess what kind of nasty, Satanic black metal violence you can expect from ‘Occult Propaganda’.

Opener ‘Malphas’ begins with a brooding, whispering intro that slowly swells into a dense, creaking black metal riff and a ragged rasp. There’s copious amounts of raw rage here, with smatterings of atmospheric darkness and rattling blastbeats. Haunting melodies lurk in the gloom, coated with an otherworldly filth. ‘Occult Propaganda’ sounds like it was recorded in a cavern; a rough murky mix has added a layer of blackness to it.

The cavernous howl of the title track is the best example of how the rough mix has aided the music. The atmosphere definitely adds to the overall theme of darkness and evil. It’s like the fog that hides the serial killer, or the cloud of dust that chokes the victims of a disaster. ‘Awaking Exelsi Luciferi’ boils with fury, a buzzing tremolo bringing to mind classic Darkthrone. The Norwegian legends are probably the most obvious influence on Malphas, but there is hints of Watain’s regal darkness about this too. Malphas aren’t as razor sharp, their assault is the blunt rusty razor in the night. ‘Occult Propaganda’ is a raw twenty minutes of black metal horror.


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