Review: Agonie – Nemesis (EP)

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Reviews
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Agonie, the German black metal band whose debut demo I reviewed a while back and THOROUGHLY enjoyed, have got their new release, ‘Nemesis’, out in quick succession. Their latest incantation unto the dark ones is three tracks of harsh black metal, including a cover of fellow German black metallers Zerfall.

The title track opens the EP with a savage, frozen riff and a rasping shriek, and builds into a cold, atmospheric piece. There are some gorgeously bleak melodies, wavering tremolo riffs weaving a dark tapestry. Agonie have developed parts of their music, particularly the more atmospheric parts, since their debut, and it is showcased well in ‘Aufgelost in Wohlgefallen’ where the tone takes on a more menacing note. Buzzing, black metal evilness is the order of the day, but imbued with an icy touch and touches of depressive black metal too.

The Zerfall cover, ‘Kriecht Zu Kreuze’, is a nasty, raw, atonal piece of hateful black metal. I don’t know Zerfall at all, but the track is solid black metal, but more of the straightforward necro stuff rather than the more atmospheric stuff that Agonie have styled over the previous two tracks. ‘Nemesis’ has shown a maturing of Agonie since ‘Mammon’. The band seem more comfortable to flex their atmospheric muscle, and the production values are great. Each riff sounds crisp and clear, and even the harsh and sometimes gurgling vocals are produced well. They’ve also interested me in Zerfall, which must be a good thing!

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