Review: Extinctionist – Portal of Extraterrestrial Invasions

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Reviews
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Extinctionist are from that family of death metal types that bludgeon you mercilessly with some of the most planet shatteringly heavy riffs they can find. Rising Nemesis Records have released the 2nd album, ‘Portals of Extraterrestrial Invasions’, by these German destroyers, and it’s fucking brutal.

Opening track proper ‘Unexpected Return’ is a prime example of this, bringing to mind the crush of Suffocation’s ‘Blood Oath’. The NY legends are one of the more obvious influences on these guys, but there’s something Immolation-esque about some of the slower moments. The title track is one of the heaviest moments of my death metal year thus far, and that is a theme that runs throughout the following tracks. The uneasy chug of ‘Devoured by the Atmosphere’ is nasty, and accompanied by some more pig squeal vocals, makes it feel even more brutal.

The vocals are low and guttural, but only ventures into pig squealing type on rare occasions, which is a relief to me. I can’t get away with them, but Extinctionist’s brand of uber brutal death is catchy and uses them sparingly enough to make it actually effective, other than on the stabbing ‘New Breed’. ‘Painful Excesses of Doom’ also reminds me of the great Devourment, whose ‘Molesting the Decapitated’ is probably the best brutal death record out there. To emulate the greats without ripping them off entirely is not easy in brutal death metal, but Extinctionist do well. There’s also dashes of deathcore luminaries Annotations of an Autopsy in there too, especially in the stunning ‘Morpholus’ Heritage’.

‘Portals of Extraterrestrial Invasions’ is a great record, capturing half an hour of extremity, crushing riffs and brutal vocals without coming even close to being samey and boring. That is praise enough, without mentioning the quality of the writing and the variety of riffing. Slow, grinding breakdowns or razor sharp speed riffing, Extinctionist do it all, and do it all well. Definitely find yourself a copy of this!



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